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Stanley Cup Essentials!

If you are a Stanley cup girly this post is for you! We compiled a list of the most essential Stanley cup accessories for you to get the most out of your favorite Stanley!

  1. Snack and Sip!

What's better than drinking an ice cold bevvy? Snacking at the same time! Take your snacking game to the next level with this seriously cool addition to your Stanley! Perfect for weekends spent at your little ones sporting events! (Link:

2. Add Some *Charm * To Your Stanley!

Add some personality to your Stanley with these adorable letter charms! Right now these are on sale for $6.98! Such a cute way to distinguish your drink at gatherings too! I love this idea and it has me thinking what else I could add these charms to! (Link:

3. Keep Your Stanley Protected (And Cute)!

Leave your worries of dings and scratches behind with these silicone boots! There are so many cute designs to choose from! I love these cacti boots since they are so cute and these colors go with anything! (Link:

4. Reusable Glitter Straws To Add Some Sparkle To Your Stanley!

If you're like me it can be tricky to keep up with straws in a full house! I always love having extra reusable straws on hand and these ones are so cute! I love the extra personality they bring! This pack comes with 12 straws of different colors and cleaning brushes. (Link:

5. An Accessory MADE For Swifties!

This name plate for your Stanley is perfect for the Swifties out there! This item has a 5 out of 5 star rating to match the star power she brings!! (Link:

6. An Accessory For The Girl On The Go!

Keep your phone, cards, and keys together with this pocket pouch! Keep up with your belongings at the gym, on a hike, or at work! Keep your hands free with this pouch! I absolutely love this item and I wish I would have had one years ago! (Link:

7. Custom Name Tag

Add some personality to your Stanley with this customizable name tag! These are made in Michigan by a family owned business. These would be perfect for an end of the year teacher gift! (Link:

8. Perfect Gift For Your "Friends"

These straw covers are perfect for the person who binge watches Friends over and over again....(it's me). You could give these out to your friends as a cute just because gift! (Link:

9. Keep Your Nurse Friends Going Through Their Long Shift With These Straw Covers!

These straw covers are perfect for those in the medical field! These straw covers are made from food-grade silicone material and is BPA free. (Link:

10. Spill Proof Stopper Set

Keep your favorite drink from spilling with these spill proof straw stoppers! These are simple and easy solution to avoid spills! (Link:

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